A New Year’s Message from Rev. Pam
(January 2013)

As we celebrate the completion of another year of blessings, challenges and wonderful experiences, we look back only to see how far we have come, how much we have grown and learned, and how much we have received and given.  We know that time doesn’t automatically heal our hurts, dissolve our frustrations or complete what we have left unresolved.  Only a change of attitude can do that.

As we begin the New Year, let us resolve to live with new vision—in the now—for our creative mind can create only in the now.  We can express only that for which we have the conviction of being.  Living in the new requires new vision.  We must know what we want clearly and specifically, without telling God how to do it. Having more faith in what we can’t see will challenge us to grow, and therefore manifest greater possibilities in our expression.

Let us celebrate our now-ness and know that as we go forth in this full new vision consciousness, God-at-the-center of our being is a loving creative intelligence that is in everyone and everything.  Let our resolution be to honor and respect that in each other.

Happy New YOU!