What It Does – January 21, 2018

It is with a heart filled with joy and gratitude for all that we have accomplished as a beloved spiritual community that I wish you limitless contentment and profound awakening in the new year. Coming together to pray, love, laugh, to serve Spirit together, and to support one another in our evolutionary process are immeasurable blessings to us all. My prayer for us and our world is that 2018 will usher in unprecedented actions of peace, respect for the dignity of all beings, and a realization of our indestructible Wholeness as individualized expressions of the One. Toward that end, our theme for the month of January is Timeless Practices for our Times.

The topic on January 21, 2018, was What It Does. The Unnamable One—the “It” out of which we have emerged as individual expressions of Itself—is what we will reveal as our true identity, as the greatest “Doer” within and upon existence. Every day is an opportunity to mindfully observe how it operates, what Its job description is, how our choices and decisions can be made in collaboration with Its co-creative energies and manifest in our lives.

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