Vulnerability Is Trust – May 5, 2024

Loving greetings and welcome to the month of May. May your Mother’s Day celebrations be filled with gratitude for all that a mother’s unconditional love expresses.

As we navigate the challenges our global family is experiencing it’s easy to question if our prayers are impacting what we are seeing, hearing, and feeling. Keeping our vulnerable hearts open and trusting beyond appearances empowers us to know that Spirit’s unconditional love and support are ever-present. And that’s why this month’s theme is “Embracing Vulnerability.” I invite you to join the beloved community as together we deepen the power of our knowing Spirit’s omnipresence and omniscience absolutely prevail.

The May 5, 2024 topic is Vulnerability Is Trust. Vulnerability is an expression of trust in the truth that we live our life with the full support of the Universe, that Spirit’s vast menu of possibilities is fully and unconditionally available to us. It allows us to open the door of our heart so Spirit may fully enter and energize our awareness of what lives and travels within us and all beings: our True Self.

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