Turning Yourself Outside In and Laughing all the Way – August 21, 2016

At the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles, you will hear relevant messages, by Rev. Pam MacGregor, that you can apply to everyday life. The theme for the month of August is Laughter: Spirit’s Medicine of Grace.

Every minister I know wants his or her talk to touch the collective heart of the congregation. Would it surprise you to know that surveys reveal the best ways to achieve this is to cause laughter? It’s not that ministers are frustrated stand up comedians with a pulpit; it’s that laughter is a healing art, a friend on the spiritual journey, Spirit’s most excellent medicine.

The Christian mystic Anthony De Mello tells a story about a group of disciples who seek to learn from a saintly teacher the stages he had passed through in his practices. After describing how he found himself in the Land of Love, a disciple asked, “Was that the final stage of your quest?” “No,” the Maser said. “One day God said, ‘Today I shall take you into the innermost sanctuary of the Temple…and I was led to the Land of Laughter.’”

The topic on August 21, 2016, was Turning Yourself Outside In and Laughing all the Way. The truly spiritual are revolutionaries who are committed to turning from without to within and creating a metamorphosis in consciousness. Stepping away from the hypnotism of societal conditioning and trends, unhooking from outer distractions, they turn to the core of their being and commune with the reality of their godliness. The vehicles that transport them are contemplative prayer, meditation, spiritual study, occasionally taking a retreat, and appreciation for God’s sense of humor implanted in their souls.

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