Truth, Bull****, and Soulful Civility – November 15, 2020

Loving greetings to you all and may you and your dear ones have a beautiful Thanksgiving. As the once familiar ground beneath our lives appears to be shifting, let us keep before us the unshakable truth of Spirit’s love and laws governing the universe. Trusting these immutable truths gives rise to our inherent bravery, even as we may feel we’re being cast into an alternate reality. And this is why throughout November our theme will be “Braving the Wilderness,” based on Brené Brown’s book of the same title.

Together we will look deeply into our own spirits and make friends with our inner wilderness, with the hurt, anxiety, uncertainty and more that endeavor to overtake our deeper knowing. This is why we practice, so that in the midst of the storm we know ourselves to be victorious practitioners.

The November 15, 2020 topic is Truth, Bull****, and Soulful Civility. The world appears to be convulsing with turmoil, what with a global pandemic, joblessness, political division, racial violence and more. Let us remember that we have been in uncertain times before, and through soulful civility we have collectively torn asunder the veil of bull****, thus exposing the truth of our interconnectedness as One Global Family. And we’ll do it again!

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