Touring the Inner Garden of Paradise – May 7, 2017

At the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles, you will hear relevant messages, by Rev. Pam MacGregor, that you can apply to everyday life.

Loving greetings and joyous Mother’s Day wishes to each one of you! Just as the universe tenderly mothers us all, so have we been equipped to express this motherly love to all those who cross our path, including the inner child that lives within us.

This month’s theme is Planting Seeds in Your Garden of Eden. In other words, each of us has been implanted with the seeds of Spirit’s nature, and through Spiritual Mind Treatment, affirmative prayer, we fertilize them and watch as they blossom in the garden of our being.

The topic on May 7, 2017, was Touring the Inner Garden of Paradise. Did you know you have never left paradise? In fact, it accompanied you in your birth suitcase, for as Jesus is quoted in Luke 17:21, “…for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you.” This week’s tour includes this inner paradise, where the metaphysical meaning of Matthew 18:2-4: “Only when we become as children can we enter the kingdom of heaven” will be revealed. Bring your inner walking shoes!

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