The Wisdom of Knowing – October 10, 2021

Loving greetings and welcome to the topics of October’s Sunday talks which, by the way, you can listen to any other day of the week as well. Our theme of the month is “The Heart of Wisdom.”

Did you know the word “wisdom” is mentioned 222 times in the Hebrew Bible? Obviously, developing wisdom is vital to both our individual and collective evolutionary growth. I invite you to join us each week as together we open ourselves to learning how we can apply wisdom whether we’re sitting in prayer, meditation, walking the dog or pulling weeds, because as we realize the clarity it imparts we become empowered to make wisdom-guided choices in all areas of our lives.

The October 10, 2021 topic is The Wisdom of Knowing. A wise master teacher once claimed, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” His deliberate choice of the word know describes a far deeper level of consciousness than mere belief, one that deserves both our attention and intention to experience his precise meaning.

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