The Voice of the Heart – January 28, 2024

What a joy it is to greet you as we enter the new year, and especially to invite you to join with your global spiritual family throughout the month as we celebrate January’s theme: “The Heart of Spiritual Practice.” Each new day offers us the opportunity to enter our practice in a fresh state of consciousness, to receive ever-expanding revelations of how Spirit has fully equipped us to engage in the process of awakening, including the paradox of being a spiritual being having a human experience.

The January 28, 2024 topic is The Voice of the Heart. Listening to the voice of the heart provides rich nourishment for our spiritual growth. Whether it speaks to us during formal prayer or at the kitchen sink, it affirms the wholeness of being what our Creator Source knows us to be. It’s often said that spiritual learning is, at its heart, a process of unlearning, of debunking false beliefs. Are you ready to unlearn?

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