The Symbiotic Relationship Between Faith and Doubt – December 26, 2021

Loving greetings and joyous Christmas and Kwanza wishes to you and your dear ones as we share the celebrations of the season. How blessed we are to be channels of Spirit’s love, compassion, generosity and joy as these inner qualities flow out from us, gifting all beings and our world.

As we come together as a spiritual family to celebrate this holyday season our theme is “Unwrapping the Inner Gifts of the Season.” I look forward to our sharing this special month together.

The December 26, 2021 topic is The Symbiotic Relationship Between Faith and Doubt. We all experience times when our human self lacks faith. Our True Self, however, has no vocabulary for doubt, fear, lack, limitation or separation, so it never has to practice faith. Wise are we to train in the ways of faith, knowing full well that even as we shake and shiver in the face of challenges, the trusting, faith-filled Self always has our back!

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