The Power of Surrender

Everything originates from the One Source, First Cause, God.
I am the consciousness causing and expressing that which I desire to take form. I surrender the small mind and let the power of Divine Mind take charge. The activity of Divine Mind is a positive force for good and influences each thing I do with right knowing.

By letting go of small-minded ideas and notions, Spirit fills me up with a greater degree of livingness. As I surrender to the power within me greater than I am, I discover that the perfect alignment of Spirit is controlling every outcome so that I may soar to greater heights in glorious ways.

Every demonstration is a complete fulfillment of right action. I surrender with poise, calm assurance and certainty. My Ideas are sourced and guided by divine love and perfect understanding. Surrender is my launching pad of grace and ease that brings perfect right expansion in all that I do.

I rejoice and give thanks, knowing and accepting that the great law of mind has already produced the visible manifestation of these words, I let it be, and so it is!!

Rev. Pam

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