Spiritual Mind Treatment – Step 2: Unification – March 8, 2015

At the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles, you will hear relevant messages, by Rev. Pam MacGregor, that you can apply to everyday life. This month’s theme is Spiritual Mind Treatment: Anyone Can Do It!.

A life overflowing with love, health, joy, peace, abundance, creativity–it sounds wonderful in theory, but how do we manifest it in practice? The answer is Spiritual Mind Treatment. Learn what it is and how do it as Rev. Pam takes you through the 5 Steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment each week this month. It’s easy. Anyone can do it!

The topic on March 8, 2015 was Spiritual Mind Treatment – Step 2: Unification. In this step we claim our true identity, the spiritual inheritance encrypted in our soul, our conscious memory of our qualities of infinite intelligence, unconditional love, compassion, tranquility, wholeness. Unifying with and embodying our oneness with Source, we begin to realize the Cosmic Grace that accompanied us in our birth suitcase.

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