Spiritual Growth and Personal Expansion

I am a divine creature, big or small, human, animal, vegetable or mineral. I am one with all that life is in all things. I recognize that there is only wholeness, only oneness and only eternal life. I can never be separated from life or from that which creates life. As an evolving being, my spiritual path may take many twists and turns that challenge my faith. All of my experiences include spiritual growth and personal expansion.

There is no false growth or detrimental growth, only spiritual growth. Whatever does not belong sheds itself continuously and completely. I act with strength and courage, expecting affirmative results from a principle that is limitless.

Healing is a normal and natural state that is always maintained and sustained. There is no inaction or over-action; there is only whole, complete and perfect right action in body, mind and soul. I am a function of perfect being operating in harmonious alignment and right balance within and without.

I am grateful for this completed demonstration. I now release it to the great law of mind that responds by corresponding immediately and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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