I am one with Divine Mind. I am an individualized expression of God Mind. I am fully conscious of the limitless capacity of this Infinite Mind as me. It accepts me as I am because it created me as I am. To express the magnificence of God, I must be authentic and whole in my expression. God Mind is not a judging mind; it is an all-loving mind, encouraging freedom, truth and harmony.

Self-love is embracing all aspects of myself– the good, the bad, the awful and the awesome. Non-resistance allows me to be all that I am without labels. The day turns into darkness eventually and I am able to love them both. I release the desire or need to judge myself or anything or anyone else. Love does not judge, it is a unifying power that brings understanding and harmony to every situation.

I am a creative being with many thoughts and many feelings. I see them all as aspects of the Divine, guiding me to my deepest and highest wisdom self. It is here where I make peace with wholeness, restore emotional harmony and reconcile all of who I am. I am grateful for this Truth and for the positive expression it inspires and fulfills. In gratitude, I let go and let God, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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