Releasing Instead of Avoiding

I am the consciousness of oneness. I recognize God as the only power and the only presence. This power is a power for good and controls everything in my life. It is working through me as a healing agent that reveals cause and releases negative thoughts and reactions.

Divine Mind empowers me with the courage and strength to allow any seeming fear to pass. I am gently guided over rough terrain if I should lose my grip. I relax and release. Any apparent blocks or barriers are signposts telling me to be open and receptive to the present moment experience. As I breathe in non-resistance, I am set free. Wisdom moves through me and I am unified with the presence and power of God.

I view life from the highest and deepest summit of consciousness. From the mountaintop, I am lifted up and see all things from a spiritual perspective. It is this realization that allows me to walk through the valley and release the shadow, not avoid it. I am sustained by heart felt love, inner peace and joy. God at the center maintains unity of being. I am a center of God conscious life and power now and forevermore. With gratitude, I joyfully release this and let it be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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