Manifesting Financial Freedom – March 19, 2023

Loving greetings and welcome to March, the birth of Spring! May it be for all of us a time of planting new seeds that will manifest as a vibrant growth in consciousness. For no matter how long we have been engaged in a committed spiritual practice, it is important to maintain what Shunryu Suzuki described as “beginner’s mind,” which provides an ever-new freshness to our relationship with Spirit and walking our talk. To support us in this intention, the theme of the month is “Manifesting.” Let’s join together and share the rich benefits of strengthening our innate skill of manifestation.

The March 19, 2023 topic is Manifesting Financial Freedom. We have all been influenced by societal definitions of what represents prosperity in its various forms, including money. And yet nothing has greater impact than our individual attitude, how we define, measure and seek to experience prosperity and financial freedom. A mindset of “all things are possible” enhances what I call Manifester Consciousness. Are you ready to dive in?

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