Love and God Are Synonyms – February 13, 2022

Loving greetings and happy Valentine’s Day! As I contemplated our February theme, I was inspired to dedicate the entire month to exploring the incomparable potency of love and title it “Love–The Ultimate Rx.” I invite you to join us each week as we come together to open our hearts in gratitude for Spirit’s boundless, unconditional grace, and for the gift of our spiritual family.

The February 13, 2022 topic is Love and God Are Synonyms. It is impossible to choose between the words love and God, for love is a synonym for God. Why? Because when one’s heart knows the pure essence of love, it can’t help but know God. As we expand in consciousness through prayer and self-reflection, we realize we walk every step of our life’s journey hand-in-hand with Spirit, surrounded by its love.

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