In God We T-R-U-S-T – May 19, 2019

Joyous Mother’s Day wishes to all of you who are a blessing in the lives of those you touch in your role as “mother,” whether it be your own child, as a foster or adoptive parent, grandparent, or mentor.

“The profound thought of all ages has stood in awe of Life itself,” writes Ernest Holmes, “realizing that there is a power and potentiality, the highest possibilities of which the human intellect cannot fathom.” As we explore this month’s theme—“Empowered Living”—we will tap directly into that power and potentiality.

The topic on May 19, 2019, was In God We T-R-U-S-T. What does it mean to unconditionally trust in the Spirit? How can we accurately measure our individual level of trust in God as our Source of supply? To find out, please join a shared community discussion on the empowerment we activate through tithing, how we can amplify our faith, and the revelations we gain through the practice of universal truth principles.

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