I Stand in Faith

God-Mind is the one mind and the only mind and it is my mind now. This same mind governs the universe in a positive and constructive manner. I have complete faith that using this power is an affirmative and cooperative force in my life.

I believe there is a power within me, greater than I am, always doing great things through me. I believe in the divine presence and I have complete faith that it brings my desires to pass and accomplishes every task successfully, with grace and ease. I let positive faith control my thought and direct my every word with steady conviction.

All of my endeavors are bound and anchored in unwavering faith. Every activity is motivated by faith and with the spiritual understanding that I have dominion over anything that contradicts the nature of life. I stand in faith.

I give thanks and joyfully release this Truth, affirming that I believe, accept and trust there is a living, vital and active faith in my life now and forevermore, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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