I Let God Be God In, As and Through Me

I am God-infinite good, whole, complete and perfect. I am God-individualized, unified and fully expressed.

I am God-mind, using a holy intelligence. I am God-power, operating
as divine energy. I am God-presence, sharing love, joy and harmony. I am God-knowing, guided to be fair and understanding. I am God-loving, appreciating all people. I am God-light, uplifting and supportive. I am God-action, bringing complete fulfillment. I am God-wisdom, growing in consciousness. I am God-willingness, nurturing greatness.

I am God-value, worthy of every desire. I am God-wealth, abundantly supplied in every way. I am God-vision, seeing as it can be. I am God-thought, causing things to work out right. I am God-idea, providing new possibilities and opportunities. I am God-pattern, successfully guided. I am God life, living fully and completely. I am God-awareness, held steady in goodness. I am God-consciousness, walking in grace.

I am God-centered, unified and balanced. I am God-affirming, all is well. I am God-anchored, solid and firm. I am God-connected, determined and able. I am God-now, peacefully and faithfully accepting with joyous gratitude that this is so, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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