I Consciously Choose To Be Successful

I am one with the One. The One Mind, which is God, is my mind. In this consciousness there is only the principle of Truth. The Truth sets me free to be all that I am. I am free to walk my own path at my own pace. I know that anything in opposition to the truth of my being is powerless. My consciousness accepts and attracts only those ideas that are successful, harmonious and enriching to all concerned.

Spirit works through me and meets every challenge with the perfect solution. It does not permit me to make choices that could be detrimental or harmful to anyone. My actions are inspired by God and carried out by the great Law of Mind. I surrender to God’s activity and willingly let go and let its wisdom guide and direct me so that I become that which I was created to be.

I stand firm in Truth, always evolving into greater inclusive successful experiences. Infinite Intelligence sees to it that my thoughts, ideas and actions produce success and fulfillment as an activity of God. I experience success amongst all people as a cooperative and compatible forward moving unit. My success is God’s success.

I rejoice and give thanks for the positive action that this word is causing in my life.
I accept it, I know it, believe it and live in the joyful experience of it now and forever, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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