I Am Patient

I radiate with the joy and happiness of Spirit as the presence and power of all good in all of life. This divine energy leads me on the pathway of successful living, which includes being patient with myself and with others.

I am not hurried or rushed by outer conditions or circumstances. I approach and complete all of my endeavors with a calm, confident and relaxed frame of mind. I have plenty of time to complete all tasks at hand and do so successfully, smoothly and easily.

I live each day with patience and compassion, challenging myself to grow, to expand and to experience greater value in being all that I can be. All of my actions are sustained by infinite patience that produce right and perfect results on time, in time and every time.

I am grateful for this Truth and celebrate its out-picturing that brings an abundance of joy, fulfillment and satisfaction in everything I do. I release it with grace and ease, knowing that it is done, and so it is!!

Rev. Pam

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