Honoring the Cosmic Mother – May 9, 2021

What a joy it is that during the month of May we celebrate the Feminine Face of God that nourishes all creation, that beats within each of our hearts and mothers us throughout our life’s path. And, how touching it is when this quality reflects through human mothers. So to all of you who have the role of being a mother in someone’s life, I thank and celebrate you! Our theme for May is “Consciousness—The Reality of Being.” I invite you to join me as we get down and real about exactly what this means.

The May 9, 2021 topic is Honoring the Cosmic Mother. How beautiful it is that we yearly celebrate the Mother aspect of Spirit that has been implanted within us all and outwardly expresses as compassion, grace, and unconditional love. This mother instinct permeates all creation, enhancing our sense of interconnection and affection. May the collective energy of our togetherness today amplify Her presence within and surrounding us.

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