Happy Thanksgiving

I am one with the Divine Presence and Power that is operating in and through me at all times. It is not some power, it is all power existing everywhere for every one to use. This power is a power for good and I have absolute faith in its guidance, wisdom and direction.

I stand in gratitude for the clarity and insight that each and every experience brings into my life. I am forever strengthened by the light and wisdom of Spirit’s eternal gift of grace that empowers me to persevere. I see every situation as an opportunity for greater expansion and fuller expression. I gratefully accept the fullness of life and I appreciate the abundance of openhearted and deep friendships that allow my journey to be so much sweeter.

I rejoice and give thanks for the use of a limitless Creative Power that meets every demand according to my understanding and belief. I accept, claim and affirm that my mind is a Center of Divine operation which transcends anything that I have ever experienced in the past. With a thankful heart and joyous enthusiasm, I now let this be, and so it is.

Rev. Pam

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