Happy Thanksgiving

I realize that God is the power within me and the power that expresses through me. I am thankful that the spirit within me is adequate, complete and perfect. This divine energy places me in a positive and receptive state of mind. Gratitude attracts good to me and opens the right channels for my good to express.

Every opportunity is an opportunity to grow and be grateful for another life enriching experience. My awareness and understanding, wisdom and perception are enhanced by appreciation. I am grateful for being alive now and for knowing that I am one with all life.

I am thankful for this wonderful life that only knows to further the expression of beauty, joy, peace, harmony, love and abundance. I am part of, and surrounded by, its life affirming creativity that gives me the power to choose how I respond to my experiences.

I am eternally grateful that I live in a world of infinite abundance, peace and harmony. I accept this as my divine inheritance. With a grateful heart, I let this be, and so it is!!

Rev. Pam

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