Happy New Beginnings

God is a loving creative intelligence that is in everything. That means the energy is in me and around me. I connect with that energy through my consciousness. I am grounded in that energy through my thoughts, feelings and actions. I am free from the past and live now according to the light that illumines my way.

I am inspired by new ideas and give expression to even greater ideas. Freshness and newness motivate my mind with interest and renewed enthusiasm. I have a new attitude that brings new and exciting opportunities with individuals who are honest, unified and spiritually motivated. The purpose is always divine and for the greater good of the whole.

Each moment is a new beginning for a greater expression of who I am spiritually. Spiritual Truths require spiritual recognition and a belief in the invisible. Faith in the Truth carries me through all doubt, confusion and fear. Trusting in universal wholeness and goodness, I am fully present with my conviction. All of my efforts are spiritually grounded and my demonstrations are abundantly successful.
I am grateful for this new beginning and am glad in it.

I live in the joyous expectancy that a greater good is always here. I accept it, I believe it, and I know with absolute and consistent conviction that it is done, I let it be and so it is!!

Rev. Pam

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