Handle Stress or It Will Handle You – August 25, 2019

How often has there been a challenge in your life when your first response was one of resistance, a wanting to push it away, deny its existence, and you later realized it was actually a blessing? I dare to say that if each of us was honest enough, we’d admit this happens more frequently than we may care to admit. Let’s experiment together as we put the theme for the month of August—“Blessings In Disguise”—under the microscope in the laboratory of consciousness. I pray you look forward to our adventure as much as I do!

The topic on August 25, 2019, was Handle Stress or It Will Handle You. Stress. Even the word can raise blood pressure. How do we go about handling stress without denying it, without resisting getting to the core of the healing message it seeks to deliver? If we can slow down long enough in the midst of stress, we can begin to enter a mindset of equanimity and practice the four stress-reducing techniques we will discuss today.

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