I am one with the infinite presence, mind, power and life. I am empowered by divine love and protection. God’s complete givingness has been bestowed upon me. God’s ever-present blessings are freely given to me and to all alike. Grace is the eternal loving-kindness of God that is working for and through all beings.

Through Grace, I am giving birth to wisdom and creativity, while being my true self. In serving others, I also must serve myself by remembering that I am worthy of self-care. I am too blessed to be stressed. I breathe mindfully and deeply to center myself and seek inspiration.

I am established in peacefulness, in natural grace and in great joy. I am pure in spirit and that reality keeps me in the flow of Grace. I maintain a gracious attitude of gratitude. Each day, I live a more graceful way of life. I am Grace-filled and gracefully enriched in every way. God’s hand is the most amazing Grace. With gracious gratitude, I let this be, and so it is.

Rev. Pam

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