God’s Love, Light and Truth

There is one almighty Divine life and spirit and I am forever at one with it. It is this God-energy that gave me life and it is the power that sustains my life. This power’s eternal glow transforms my consciousness into an eternal state of grace.

By living in the presence of God’s love and using the wisdom of God, I experience a perfect life and see this same perfection in all people, places and things. I focus on abundance and I see an abundance of love everywhere. I see myself as God sees me — whole, complete and perfect. As I raise my consciousness, I raise the consciousness of the Universe.

I stand firm in my conviction that love is the power that harmonizes, heals and sustains all my relationships.

I now live the truth of this word, accepting that my life has purpose by expressing God’s love, being God’s light and living God’s Truth and I am fulfilling it. I give thanks, I let go and let God, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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