Everything You Want, Wants You – July 9, 2023

Loving greetings and welcome to our Sunday celebrations. Our theme throughout July is “Poised for Progress.” How must we position ourselves—inwardly and outwardly—to live a spiritually progressive life whether we’re in prayer, meditation, driving to work, on our computer, or walking the dog? How do we express the true meaning of “freedom” we celebrate on the fourth of July? I invite you on a journey into your own consciousness to greet the already, spiritually-poised being that you are.

The July 9, 2023 topic is Everything You Want, Wants You. Our thoughts, intuitions, and visualizations ignite the magnetic field that draws into our lives that which we wish to manifest. They give tangible form to the formless energy of Spirit fulfilling itself in, through and as us. Today, join us as we explore how we can evolve our faith in and practice of this Law of Manifestation.

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