Science of Mind Tool Kit by Rev. Pam MacGregor

A Tool Kit to get you through the journey of this thing called life! Good for any road trip, vacation by car or daily freeway driving!

Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles - Science of Mind Textbook - Introduction - Tool KitThe first four chapters of the Introduction of The Science of Mind, the nuts and the bolts of the teaching.
Chapter I – The Thing Itself
Chapter II – The Way It Works
Chapter III – What It Does
Chapter IV – How To Use It
Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles - Treatment CDsThe 5 Steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment/Affirmative Prayer. Do it yourself! P.U.S.H. = Pray Until Something Happens.
Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles - Abundance CDA constant reminder that God’s presence is within us and all around us. Prosperity is our divine right, it’s not a fluke!

Spiritual Substance Is All That There Is
Why Expectancy Produces Demonstration
Walking the Talk in a Consciousness of Plenitude
It’s About More Than Money
Hoarding Versus Conserving Wisely