Trusting the Universe


I have complete trust in the universe that is governed only by good.

The universe is for me and with me and responds to me in positive and constructive ways.

The universal creative force supports and empowers me to successfully fulfill my life’s purpose.

I am securely grounded in faith.

My partnership with the Divine brings perfect understanding and clarity to all matters.

I have complete faith that all things work out right.

I am capable of fulfilling every desire I have.

My ever-increasing acceptance of love, harmony and wisdom brings balance to my life.

I see only what I choose to experience in my life and nothing else.

I am happy, prosperous and well.

My way is made clear and I meet each situation as it arises.

My acceptance of the absolute truth dissolves any seeming unbelief.

I believe in the best, expect the best and the best always happens.

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