I am happy and complete, today and forever.

My surroundings are peaceful and harmonious.

I love God and God loves me.

My life is full of limitless possibilities for good.

There is a power for good in the universe greater than I am and I can use it!

I embody and demonstrate balance and compassion.

I am enough. I am valuable. I feel valued.

I love and appreciate myself.

The universe is for me and with me.

This is my life, and I choose to enjoy and to prosper in it.

I am a rich blessing to all.

I deserve and accept the best.

I am beautiful, loving and powerful right now.

I know what to do, how to do it and I do it beautifully.

I am the consciousness of success attracting success.

I am a blessing. I am blessed.

I am the best in my world.

Now Is My Time
I am empowered to express myself, to appreciate
myself and to accept myself unconditionally. Self-love
secures me and heals any discord or limited thinking.
What has gone before now is dissolved and not a part
of today. Now is my time and my turn to successfully
demonstrate a greater abundance of love, health,
happiness and wealth. I believe in the One all-sustaining
power of good that governs my life and
affairs. I am grateful for the complete and perfect out
picturing of this Truth right now, and so it is!

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