Peace and Harmony


God’s Peace is in my heart and I radiate it out to everyone I touch.

My surroundings are peaceful and harmonious.

Everywhere I go, I attract love, peace and harmony.

I Am Whole, Complete and Perfect
I am whole, complete and perfect. I am grateful for my
natural ability to attract loving and harmonious
relationships. I accept and expect an ever-increasing
financial flow of abundance in my life. I am thankful for
the limitless opportunities that I have to successfully
express my unique creativity. I see the perfect pattern
of my life unfolding before me in every right way. I
give thanks for the fulfillment of this truth now. With
absolute faith I release it and let it be. And, so it is!

I Am Always Sustained In Love
I AM the master success consciousness made
manifest by means of my Divine expression. I
AM always sustained in love, peace, clarity and
wisdom. My powerful life is Spirit’s expression of
successful living in action. The Infinite, powerfully
flows through me in a Divine direction for the
good of all. I live in the joyous expectancy of all
good NOW! And, so it is!

I Am Peaceful and Calm
I am peaceful and calm any thought or feeling that is
not peaceful and harmonious is now dissolved. I
release all worldly pressures and retreat to a calm
inner space where I find serenity. I feel renewed and
energized by Spirit’s wisdom and peace that creates
right balance in my life. I feel relaxed, confident and
awakened to the totality of my potential being fully
expressed every moment. I rejoice and give thanks for
peace of mind and heart. I am peaceful and calm,
and so it is!

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