Love and Oneness


I love God and God loves me.

I am never alone. The Eternal Companion is always with me.

I am love, loved and loving.

The universe is for me and with me.

I surrender to God’s activity as the only power at work in my life.

Everywhere I go, I attract love, peace and harmony.

I see each day as an opportunity to share love.

I Am Always Sustained In Love
I AM the master success consciousness made
manifest by means of my Divine expression. I
AM always sustained in love, peace, clarity and
wisdom. My powerful life is Spirit’s expression of
successful living in action. The Infinite, powerfully
flows through me in a Divine direction for the
good of all. I live in the joyous expectancy of all
good NOW! And, so it is!

I Love Doing What I Do Successfully
I love doing what I do successfully.
I let Spirit work in and through me to meet every
need, solve every challenge and fulfill my good.
I surrender to God’s activity because it is the only
power at work in my life.
I, right now, willingly let go and let Divine Mind do
its perfect work through me. And, so it is!

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