Abundance and Prosperity


I willingly and joyfully accept that I am part of a Divine Plan, that plan includes health, love, happiness, success, abundance and complete self-expression.

Today, I enter into the consciousness of abundance and plenty.

Everything I do prospers because I am in partnership with the Infinite.

I see prosperity in all people, places and things.

I am anchored in the consciousness of great richness and consistently manifest visible evidence of abundant prosperity.

My needs are met moment to moment.

I always have plenty to share, to spare and a Divine surplus.

Unlimited channels of abundance are open to me right now.

I accept the natural generosity of the Universe.

I give freely and consistently to God and I receive a hundred-fold increase.

I am forever grateful that every part of my being is filled with over-flowing health, love, happiness, success, abundance and divine self-expression.

As I abundantly give, I abundantly receive. This is DIVINE LAW.

All my needs are met.

My finances are constantly improving and I am wealthy in many ways.

I am the beloved child of God, heir to the Kingdom.

My life is full of limitless possibilities for good.

There is a power for good in the universe greater than I am and I can use it!

I receive money abundantly and use money generously.

I am the embodiment of plenty.

I have an infinite capacity to receive and an infinite capacity to express.

Great abundance is mine now.

Ask and it shall be given unto you.

I am abundantly supplied in every way.

I am heir to the kingdom.

This is my life, and I choose to enjoy and to prosper in it.

Divine right action is always working in my life. Only good comes to me.

I deserve and accept the best.

My good is being fulfilled right now.

The universe is always saying “yes!”

I am a money magnet.

I Am Whole, Complete and Perfect
I am whole, complete and perfect. I am grateful for my
natural ability to attract loving and harmonious
relationships. I accept and expect an ever-increasing
financial flow of abundance in my life. I am thankful for
the limitless opportunities that I have to successfully
express my unique creativity. I see the perfect pattern
of my life unfolding before me in every right way. I
give thanks for the fulfillment of this truth now. With
absolute faith I release it and let it be. And, so it is!

I Am Always Sustained In Love
I AM the master success consciousness made
manifest by means of my Divine expression. I
AM always sustained in love, peace, clarity and
wisdom. My powerful life is Spirit’s expression of
successful living in action. The Infinite, powerfully
flows through me in a Divine direction for the
good of all. I live in the joyous expectancy of all
good NOW! And, so it is!

I Am Prospered In All My Ways
My needs are met moment by moment. Today, I enter
into the consciousness of abundance and am fully
aware that I live in the land of plenty. I accept this
Truth with gratitude and it becomes my reality and my
daily experience. The Divine power within me radiates
love and joy and attracts to me an overflowing and
ever-increasing supply of every good thing. I sing
praises of gratitude for I am prospered in all my ways,
and so it is!

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