Don’t Jump—Leap! – July 5, 2020

Loving greetings and may you and your loved ones continue to be healthy and safe. As challenging events happen right before our eyes on a daily basis, it is vital to know that we are supported by the power of the Law of Love, a love that calls us to prayer. And when we say yes to this call, we find ways of balancing ourselves and thereby support the world in balancing itself. I remind us all that Spirit’s Love is never diminished by any of the appearances of outer conditions. As we gather together to celebrate the Spirit, let us expand our trust in that Love as we explore this month’s theme, “Practice Your Practice.”

The July 5, 2020 topic is Don’t Leapmdash;Leap! There was a time in my life when I was convinced that the only solution to what appeared to be an unsolvable challenge was to jump off a high building. I learned that during such times Grace intervenes, extending a hand that leads us to stop jumping around instead choosing to take a leap in consciousness. Today, let’s take that leap together, spirit-to-spirit.

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