Daring to Trust – August 20, 2023

I send you loving greetings and invite you to join me throughout the month as we come together as a spiritual family to pray and commune with Spirit.

Our theme of the month for August is “Reliance on the Reliability of Spirit,” a theme that entered my consciousness as I was contemplating the challenges our global family is facing and realized, that amidst it all, Spirit is our rock of reliability in these seemingly temperamental times. This is a month you won’t want to miss as each week’s theme fortifies our trustworthy reliance on Spirit, its Love and Law.

The August 20, 2023 topic is Daring to Trust. Trust is both a noun and a verb, and this week we will apply the verb, the action of trust to see through the veneer of our doubts, fears, insecurities. Trust allows us to experience directly the power of opening ourselves to living in the truth that we are never alone, that Spirit and its grace accompany us in each and every breath and step we take.

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