Composing the Soundtrack of Our Lives – August 14, 2022

We all experience those times when we are in harmony with life’s flow, along with those in which we find ourselves out of sync. And when it appears that the outer world we share as a human family seems to have fallen off its axis, let us consciously pause and remind ourselves that Spirit and its universal Laws of Life are unconditionally available to comfort, uplift, and heal. Our monthly theme, “The Principles and Practices for Harmonious Living,” will guide us in restoring balance and spiritual poise to the Soul-Song that is each of our lives.

The August 14, 2022 topic is Composing the Soundtrack of Our Lives. Each of us is the composer of the soundtrack of our lives, including its rhythms and harmonies that express our beliefs, intentions, and values through our actions. In other words, the mindsets and heart-sets that reach within and activate the Divine Potentiality are always available to us. Today we’ll learn how to not be tone deaf to the song Spirit wants to sing in, through and as us.

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