Be Bold, Daring, and Courageous – November 20, 2022

Joyous Thanksgiving wishes to you and your dear ones! May your celebrations uplift your hearts, enliven your spirits, and delight your taste buds.

I’m so looking forward to sharing this special month with you, and I want to begin by letting each of you know how grateful I am for your presence in my life and in our spiritual community. That we are sharing this unique time on the planet together is a blessing, because as like-minded seekers we are able to encourage and inspire one another, remind one another of who we are and why we are here. I invite you to join me each Sunday when our theme is “The Way of a Spiritual Warrior.”

The November 20, 2022 topic is Be Bold, Daring, and Courageous. The qualities of boldness, daring and courage are mindsets of spiritual warriorship that prevent us from giving up on ourselves as we traverse the terrain of ups and downs, the valleys and peaks that all awakened beings such as Jesus the Christ and the Buddha experienced in their lives and share in their teachings. This Sunday we will equip ourselves to stand victoriously before Life and graciously welcome the Spirit that is at our side every step of the way.

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