Are You Crafting Your Spirit, or Writing a Resume? – September 20, 2020

Loving greetings to you and your dear ones. I trust that you are all healthy, safe, and buoyant in spirit. It’s almost impossible to ignore the challenges our entire world is experiencing, and it is my deepest desire that those of us who realize the power of spiritual mind treatment for the healing and upliftment of our global family are practicing it every day, especially whenever we feel the slightest tinge of despair or discouragement over outer appearances.

Throughout the month of September our theme is “Finding Peace in a World of Change,” with specific emphasis on how we may skillfully navigate the unpredictable challenges of change with trust in Spirit, ourselves, and scientific prayer, each and every step of the way.

The September 20, 2020 topic is Are You Crafting Your Spirit, or Writing a Resume? When we pause to consider that Spirit has entrusted us with the co-creation of our lives, what a profound expression of its confidence in us this is! The question then becomes, are we investing time in writing and rewriting our external resume, or catching and co-creating Spirit’s vision for our life? Today we will explore the wisdom of how deep listening results in wise action.

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