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New Ideas Bring New Opportunities

New ideas inspire me and new thoughts bring new opportunities to my world of expression. Each idea is complete with the right and perfect plan for its successful fulfillment. My intention and attention are focused on new ventures and new experiences.

My God given opportunities are abundant and cannot be denied. Every talent, skill and ability is recognized by the one creative mind and is fully and adequately equipped with right action and right release of expression. Everything that has taken place in my past has prepared me for the present. Infinite mind abundantly supplies me with fresh new ideas to motivate and prosper me.

This is a new day, a new time over flowing with new and limitless possibilities and opportunities for my larger expression. I am continuously meeting new and larger experiences that support and empower my God-identity. I am joyously established in successful living.

Today, I am entering a new beginning. I walk through the doorway of opportunity with absolute assurance that divine intelligence is guiding me in everything I think, say and do. I accept this Truth and celebrate the richness of its right and perfect expression now. In gratitude, I let it be so, and so it is!

Happy New Year and Happy New Beginnings!

Rev. Pam

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A Christmas Letter

Dear Ones,

Let these beautiful words of Ernest Holmes wash over you and remind you of the very special gift you are! Wishing you and yours a holiday season filled with an abundance of love, peace and joy!

Blessings always,

Rev. Pam


Christmas is for remembrance. The love manifested through our gifts to each other typifies the offer of Life and the givingness of Spirit to Its creations. The hands of the eternal are outstretched through our hands, and the heart of the Infinite beats in the human breast. But the giver must give of himself, for, “the gift without the giver is bare.”

It is not, then, in lavish gifts that we find true giving, but in the sweet simplicity of remembrance, in the kindly thought, the tolerant mind and the gentle act. Love alone can give love, sympathy alone can sympathize and only goodness can really do or be good.

The one who gives for reward does not give at all; he seeks to bargain; to trade for spiritual gifts; hence, he senses a loss in his own giving and finds no completion through the act. But, he who gives “half his meat” to the hungry feels justified and is warmed by a real sense of comradeship. He has established an actual unity between himself and other offspring of Creation.

Great causes succeed when there is a giving of humanity to humanity. With the check must come the one who wrote it, his interest, his enthusiasm, his love. The check must be a symbol of his desire to impart of himself-then shall it multiply its benefits and do good. Charity is cold-but love is warm. When heart speaks to heart a divine conversation has taken place, a heavenly discourse.

Each of us has something to give. Let each see that he gives of his best. If we are bringing our gifts to the alter of love, nothing less than the best will be acceptable; nothing less than all is enough.

May the real spirit of Christmas-the giving of the self to life, enter and abide in you now and through all times.


Ernest Holmes

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Love and Wisdom

I am one with God, infinite good. There is nothing separating me from
my source creator. I am always connected to Divine greatness. I accept
Its calling to live with an open heart without reservation. I am grateful
for the wisdom to see the perfection back of all appearances and to
know the Truth.

My inherent nature is the essence of love. This love is a healing power that infuses everything and everyone with its sacred warmth and protection. Love governs all actions by its divine embrace and its everlasting arms of harmony. I am confident that God is always acting through me in all I do, say and think. My
heart is filled with gladness and my mind is wise and discerning.

Within me is intelligence greater than anything that can be seen in the material world. The Spirit of love and wisdom surround me, sustain me and guide me into the paths of rightness. Immersed in perfect peace, I meet every situation with divine love and wisdom and the only result is an increase of God’s blessings. With a grateful heart, I give thanks for this perfect demonstration. I let it be so, and so it is!

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Divine Operation

“My mind is a center of Divine operation. The Divine operation is always for expansion and fuller expression, and this means the production of something beyond what has gone before, something entirely new, not included in the past experience, though proceeding out of it by an orderly sequence of growth. Therefore, since the Divine cannot change its inherent nature, it must operate in the same manner with me; consequently, in my own special world, of which I am the center, it will move forward to produce new conditions, always in advance of any that have gone before.”

From the Doré Lectures by Judge Thomas Troward

Rev. Pam

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God Vision

I am one with the presence and power of Infinite mind. This truth fortifies and strengthens all of my experiences. I envision each goal successfully achieved with grace and ease.

Everywhere I look it is with God-vision. I see with the eyes of God. My mind is open and free to focus only on
perfection. I stay steadfast on thee.

I delight in the grace and glory of my spiritu-al commitment that always makes the way clear and safe for me. I envision and choose right ideas for me. These ideas manifest consistently as right action and bring forth a greater good just as I had imagined.

I give thanks for this completed demonstration. I joyfully release this to the great law of mind, knowing with invincible faith that it is done, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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Happy Thanksgiving

I am one with the Divine Presence and Power that is operating in and through me at all times. It is not some power, it is all power existing everywhere for every one to use. This power is a power for good and I have absolute faith in its guidance, wisdom and direction.

I stand in gratitude for the clarity and insight that each and every experience brings into my life. I am forever strengthened by the light and wisdom of Spirit’s eternal gift of grace that empowers me to persevere. I see every situation as an opportunity for greater expansion and fuller expression. I gratefully accept the fullness of life and I appreciate the abundance of openhearted and deep friendships that allow my journey to be so much sweeter.

I rejoice and give thanks for the use of a limitless Creative Power that meets every demand according to my understanding and belief. I accept, claim and affirm that my mind is a Center of Divine operation which transcends anything that I have ever experienced in the past. With a thankful heart and joyous enthusiasm, I now let this be, and so it is.

Rev. Pam

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Clarity of Thought

[An excerpt from The Art of Living by Ernest Holmes]

When you examine your thought, you will find it is made up of contradicting beliefs. In one moment you may be filled with faith, with enthusiasm for life, and the next moment a sense of depression may sweep over you. This shows that the thought patterns oppose each other. Mental instability and uncertainty follow. Your job is to clarify this whole field of thought and to learn to live affirmatively. Make a daily habit of using the following affirmations:

I am surrounded by an Infinite Intelligence which reacts to my thought.

I realize that the creative power of this Divine Intelligence is with me now, and I know that I am using this Power and that my word, operating through It, will cause It to bring into my experience the good which I desire. (Mention some specific good and accept is as an already established fact.)

Believing in divine guidance, I know that my mind is continuously impressed with images of right action.

I know that everything in my life is controlled by the action of Truth and Love.

I am led, guided and inspired by the living Spirit.

I am compelled to move in the right direction, always to know what to do and how to do it.

I know that inwardly I am spiritually perfect, I have complete happiness, and I experience an abundance of good. Happiness and success rightfully belong to me.

I am successful in all my undertakings. (Again consciously accept the good you desire.)

Rev. Pam

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I am the perfect expression of love and wisdom, which unifies me with the presence, power and mind of the Divine. There is just one
all knowing Mind and its power maintains and sustains me. I am one with the Infinite Intelligence that operates in and as everyone and everything.

I am poised for a positive course of action. Every avenue is open and ready to receive and to reveal new and wonderful possibilities. As I persevere, I perceive the infiniteness of life and see the perfect creative ideas unfolding. Realizing that there is that within me that is finding its full and complete expression, discouragement is impossible. I meet each thing as it comes and stay steadfast in my purpose. There is no place for limitation or contradiction in the Divine Plan. My place in life is part of the Divine Plan and my life expression is included in that plan. I see myself as the limitless expression of God. For all of this, I am
truly grateful and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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The Value of Appreciation

I am the expression of Infinite creative power.
As I sing praises of appreciation, adversity disappears and I am filled with a spirit of gladness.
Praise is faith and belief in action.
“Thank you” is my prayer of power that connects me to my creator.
I generously give and graciously receive.
I am praise-worthy.
I love and value myself.
Singing praises of appreciation brings more and more good that is worth praising.
I have complete faith in the Law as my silent partner.
My thoughts create my experience and I keep my thoughts uplifted always.
I am enriched by letting the action of God move through me.
I accept each experience as a blessing of great value.
I believe that the Divine Plan has included me in its expression.
I am eternally grateful for the courage to look beyond appearances and move forward with clarity, confidence and conviction.
I willingly trust life and maintain an attitude of gratitude.
I deeply appreciate the motivating power of unwavering faith and acceptance, which successfully expresses my greatest potential.
I experience an increasing good beyond my fondest imagination.
I appreciate myself and everyone in my life.
I give thanks in advance, knowing and believing that every endeavor is effortless, powerfully positive and is accomplished successfully as a blessing. So it is!

Rev. Pam

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Inner and Outer Balance

My complete reliance upon the Spirit that dwells within me, anchors me in peace, poise and power. Regardless of outer appearances and circumstances, the stabilizing energy of Spirit, keeps me balanced and harmonized.

I identify with success and abundance. I am in partnership with the Infinite. Infinite intelligence acting through me makes all accomplishments effortless and easy. Divine guidance assures me of perfect results. Every demonstration is immediate and instantaneous through the action of Creative Mind, acting through my consciousness. Right decision followed by right action and balanced with love and wisdom assures me of peace and right success. I rejoice in the acceptance of this Truth as my reality and my experience now and forever, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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