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Growth Means Change

There is a Spiritual force that governs my thoughts, my feelings and my actions. I am one with this force, Spirit. It is the life principle of intelligence that operates in and through all. I am an ever-evolving expression of this divine intelligence always in the process of becoming.

As the layers of false beliefs are peeled away, the spiritual Truth shines forth and I am lifted to a higher level of living as Spirit. I recognize dissolving is necessary for this transformation to occur. To become something new and different, I must think new and different thoughts. This is a natural state of the creative process, in which I am fully engaged.

I am being guided by a deep urging to expand and function at a higher level of expression. I feel the inner realization of Truth that is stronger than any seeming opposition, propelling me forward to grow and expand and be the best I can be. Choosing to live in the recognition of perfect harmony, right balance and divine order, makes my life successfully happy and filled with every good thing. It is with gladness and joy that I accept this absolute Truth. I release this to the Creative Law of Mind that responds by corresponding, right here and right now, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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I Am Enough

As an individualized expression of God, I am imbued with God-qualities. My energy is divine energy coupled with divine motivation and intent. This energy causes great momentum in all that I do. God at the center is perfect life. I am the totality of perfect being, becoming that which I already am.

I do not argue with the past or plead with the future. I am not limited by my past. I am more than my past. I accept what is right now, and know that the future is bright with possibilities. I am intentionally creating my future by planting present moment seed thoughts of joyous successful living, abundant health and wealth, harmonious loving relationships and the complete fulfillment of my divine creative self-expression.

All avenues are open for my full expression. I know and feel that the universe is for me and with me. This divine power is inexhaustible and flows in, through and all around me, bringing joyous fulfillment to all that I do. I am grateful for this truth and its limitless surplus of all-good that I accept with joyous thanksgiving, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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Making the World a Better Place Spirit to Spirit

Most of us want to make things better. If only we knew what we could do specifically to make the world a better place — for everyone. Like most challenges, it requires a mental stretching of one’s mind just to ponder the idea. Does anyone feel equipped to deal with a purpose like that? “Gee, I think I’ll have my coffee this morning, get dressed, and just go out into the world and make it better for everyone — yep, that’s what I’ll do.”

Who has that map? Where do you start? The desire is in each of us. We all want to see the end of war, starvation, poverty, political division, violence, etc. The list is endless. Look deep enough in your heart and accept the possibility that by changing one thought, one belief about a person or situation, your whole life will change. Start today by forgiving yourself for the past. Forgiveness is the path to freedom.

Spirit knows no limitation. “It” knows of ways that we know not. Rarely can we explain the wonders of life, how things happen, or why things happen. We say that we live in a perfect Universe. There is perfect balance and divine order. We have to believe this in order to make a difference, to have a purpose. Start by forgiving yourself and changing just one thought a day. You’ll be amazed at the results! Make this your Easter gift to yourself and to the world.

An article by Rev. Pam
(published in the Tolucan Times April 2013)

The value in coming on Sunday is that not only do you get the benefit of being there on that particular Sunday in real time; more importantly, Sunday services sort of “tee “ you up for the following week. The point-of-difference is that people aren’t just participating in a liturgical service, but are sent away with thought-provoking and action-oriented energy. I have benefited a lot from coming on Sunday and folks that have joined me have all enjoyed it, too. The treats they serve after are tasty, the live band is great, there is plenty of free, covered parking, and you are out of there in an hour feeling good.
– Mary, Toluca Lake CA

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I Am Patient

I radiate with the joy and happiness of Spirit as the presence and power of all good in all of life. This divine energy leads me on the pathway of successful living, which includes being patient with myself and with others.

I am not hurried or rushed by outer conditions or circumstances. I approach and complete all of my endeavors with a calm, confident and relaxed frame of mind. I have plenty of time to complete all tasks at hand and do so successfully, smoothly and easily.

I live each day with patience and compassion, challenging myself to grow, to expand and to experience greater value in being all that I can be. All of my actions are sustained by infinite patience that produce right and perfect results on time, in time and every time.

I am grateful for this Truth and celebrate its out-picturing that brings an abundance of joy, fulfillment and satisfaction in everything I do. I release it with grace and ease, knowing that it is done, and so it is!!

Rev. Pam

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Faith is a Fact

I am one with the universal source that created every thing. Its power, presence and intelligence are deep within me and all around me. I have faith that this universal power conducts itself in positive and affirmative ways.

I trust the power to transform darkness into light, confusion into peace and hopelessness into faith. I can overcome any appearance and create victory because I believe in the resurrection principle. That which was, fades away and dissolves into the native nothingness from whence it came, so that something greater may come into being.

My faith is the conviction that there is only a power for good and it governs my life. I have faith in myself. I have faith in humankind. I have faith in a power greater than I am that I can use. I have faith in the process of life. I have faith that behind all that is visible is the positive right action of the invisible doing its right and perfect work.

I rejoice and give thanks for the affirmative and constructive results that this word is causing. With absolute trust and complete faith, I release this into the law, knowing it is done, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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Why Me?

We have all had those challenges that come at the wrong time.  Often  these are the experiences that push us to a particular point where we still need to grow.   The opportunity is there for us to choose to see the glass as half full rather than half empty, pick ourselves up, and continue.

Frequently the question arises: “Is God punishing me?”  Not only does God not punish people, but God is always there to help with any tragedy, disappointment, or heartache. Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. The truth is, things happen to people all the time. You may wonder “Why me?”   Here is the answer: “The rain falls on the just and on the unjust.” There is a Spirit of Life, a depth of spirituality that can bolster you and hold you in the palm of Its hand.  There is something supportive and helpful.  There is always wisdom and direction. You can’t lose the Divine Presence that is within you. You may not recognize It and you may think It has forsaken you, but It has not.  You can never lose that.

There is happiness that overrules happenings.

An Article by Rev. Pam
(Published in the Tolucan Times March, 2013)

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Life is a Blessing

I am one with God and one with all of life.   God has blessed me with an abundance of gifts and talents. Every moment, I am given limitless blessings that allow me to express my divinity.

Each blessing that I encounter is an opportunity for me to look deeper and express more fully the divine expression that I am. I am love. I am peace. I am joy. I am wholeness. I am abundance. I am dynamic, radiant vitality.

God has given me the gift of imagination so that I may always be awakened to the totality of my potential.   The creative power of mind stimulates me and fortifies me. Divine Intelligence brings out my greatest good so that I may be a blessing to others. By staying focused on the truth, I am able to see all people in the light of truth.

Life is a blessing. I am blessed. I bless all things. I bless all life. I live in the all-embracing circle of Divine Love. As a Divine Creation, I give thanks for the blessing of life. I let it be, and so it is!

Rev Pam

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My Good Is Assured

I turn to the one Power, Presence and Life and allow its wisdom to flow through me and direct my life. Its love and infinite givingness fill me with limitless energy, allowing me to always do my best.
I align my thoughts and my feelings and live with an affirmative attitude.

My actions are motivated, maintained and sustained by divine ideas. I depend on a Principle of Good that is greater than I am, that is always working for me by working through me.

I am the consciousness of limitless good, experiencing limitless good. This good is always available to me in all ways.
I only need to accept its limitlessness and let it fill me with its over flowing and inexhaustible all-providing goodness.

I am surrounded by good at all times. My good is assured and does not interfere with the good of others. My good includes good for all. I accept an abundance of good. I expect good because only good flows through me and from me.

I give thanks for this Truth and now release it into the great law of mind that responds by corresponding with more and even greater good, and, so it is!

Rev. Pam

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The Power of Surrender

Everything originates from the One Source, First Cause, God.
I am the consciousness causing and expressing that which I desire to take form. I surrender the small mind and let the power of Divine Mind take charge. The activity of Divine Mind is a positive force for good and influences each thing I do with right knowing.

By letting go of small-minded ideas and notions, Spirit fills me up with a greater degree of livingness. As I surrender to the power within me greater than I am, I discover that the perfect alignment of Spirit is controlling every outcome so that I may soar to greater heights in glorious ways.

Every demonstration is a complete fulfillment of right action. I surrender with poise, calm assurance and certainty. My Ideas are sourced and guided by divine love and perfect understanding. Surrender is my launching pad of grace and ease that brings perfect right expansion in all that I do.

I rejoice and give thanks, knowing and accepting that the great law of mind has already produced the visible manifestation of these words, I let it be, and so it is!!

Rev. Pam

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The Action of Affirmative Power Responds to Me

I am one with the one Mind, the one Life and the one Power.
This power is a power of limitless good that is within and around every part of my being. It opens channels through which my good can be shared and expressed for the good of all.

The action of affirmative power responds to me in right and perfect ways. It brings greater happiness, health, wealth and creative self-expression to everyone I meet. I identify only with the progress of right action and perfect order. I only give power to what I desire to experience. My thought patterns produce constructive and affirmative experiences.

I depend on Divine principle, which causes everything I do to prosper and succeed. My actions are governed by the guidance of Divine wisdom. I see all beings as prosperous and successful, filled with limitless potential and creative power.

This word dissolves anything in opposition to Truth and goes forth and accomplishes the complete and right affirmative manifestation. I give thanks for this completed demonstration and declare that it is my experience now and forever, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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