Thank You for Being a Friend! – October 16, 2022

Loving greetings and welcome to October, which we traditionally dedicate to celebrating the gift of friendship in our lives. This year’s theme, “Limitless Friendliness,” embraces not only those we call friend, it also reminds us that Spirit’s essence permeates each and every person in which it has uniquely individualized itself. I invite you to join us as we practice extending loving kindness and compassion to all beings, including ourselves. I also wish to add an extra sentence here to express my heartfelt gratitude for the divine friendship we share as a spiritual family.

The October 16, 2022 topic is Thank You for Being a Friend! “Thank you for being a friend. Traveled down a road and back again. Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant. I’m not ashamed to say I hope it will stay this way. My hat is off, won’t you stand and take a bow”–so wrote and sang Andrew Gold. How blessed we are that as we walk through this world we can turn to a friend and say—or sing if you prefer—those gracious words. We can even offer these words to loved ones who are no longer gracing our three-dimensional world, because there is no separation between souls. Let the chorus begin!

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