The Freedom in Facing Fear, Eliminating Blame – March 4, 2018

Loving greetings and welcome to the month of the Spring Solstice, a time of renewal and rejoicing. And that’s just what we’ll experience each week as together we explore this month’s theme, Love: The Only Miracle that There Is. When we look into our spiritual pharmacy for healing whatever ails us in any given circumstance, Love is the salve that remedies our inner and outer wounds. The world’s scriptures are filled with parables from the lives of everyday people that illustrate this principle, as our friends who will be celebrating Passover this month can testify.

May we stand together as a spiritual family and let the miracles begin!

The topic on March 4, 2018, was The Freedom in Facing Fear, Eliminating Blame. Two of the common forms of experiencing separation from our Creator Source and our Higher Self are fear and blame. The remedy is not denying these energies, but instead navigating them with spiritual skillfulness. The truth is, Spirit doesn’t abandon us in the midst of these feelings; it is we who abandon ourselves. This Sunday we will learn how to free ourselves from getting swept away by feelings we think we should not feel and instead gladden our hearts with self-love.

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