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Applying The Power of Non-Resistance – August 13, 2017

Rev. Pamela A. MacGregorThis month’s theme is Stretching the Heart, Opening the Mind.

Loving greetings and welcome to our last month of Summer. My prayer is that it has been a season of inner growth, contentment, and sweet times for you. We will continue to excavate the deepest contours of our hearts and spirits throughout August’s theme Stretching the Heart, Opening the Mind.

The topic on August 13, 2017, was Applying The Power of Non-Resistance. Our inclination to resist anything that we don’t want in our lives can be shortsighted. There are many aspects of being human that show up to shake and wake us, but if we deny or bypass them, we miss not only their gifts, but also our capacity to wisely, skillfully work with challenges. Is there a benefit to not “fighting” a disease and changing our attitude, our view towards it? That’s what we explore in this Talk.

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Applying The Power of Non-Resistance


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