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Stop, Listen, and Follow the Voice of Your Soul – June 18, 2017

Rev. Pamela A. MacGregorThis month’s theme is Seeing Spirit in Everything.

Loving greetings and a happy, blessed Father’s Day to all of you who are blessed in your role as a father.

Whether this is your first time with us or are a long-time member of our spiritual family, I invite you to listen as though for the first time, with a fresh, open and receptive mind as we begin sharing our theme of the month, Seeing Spirit in Everything.

The topic on June 18, 2017, was Stop, Listen, and Follow the Voice of Your Soul. As Dr. Holmes so aptly put it, “Intuition remains in the background and waits for recognition.” This Talk explores how we may amplify our ability to receive intuitive guidance through the many sources Spirit uses to speak to us. The good news is that the more we sensitize ourselves to deep listening, whether we are in the market place, on the basketball court, or sitting in prayer, we will hear it.

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Stop, Listen, and Follow the Voice of Your Soul


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