Sunday Program

Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles

September 2014

Meditation: 10:30 – 10:45 AM

September 07   Karen Tarleton Holland, Practitioner
September 14   Ken Hergenroeder, Practitioner
September 21   Karen Tarleton Holland, Practitioner
September 28   Rev. Pam


Cosnciously Connecting to Consciousness

It happens to all of us. The more “connected” we are to our gizmos of social media, the less we consciously connect to the wonders that surround us throughout the day. We attend Sunday services, perhaps a weekday meditation or class, but as soon as we get to the car we’re checking our text messages, emails, and so on. It’s so easy to unconsciously go through our day and then wonder why we feel an underlying restlessness—“Gee, I only got 45 text messages today; wasn’t anyone on Facebook impressed with my breakfast of chocolate pancakes and strawberries?”

Isn’t it time we took back the terrain of our consciousness and live each day consciously?
The theme of the month for September, “Consciously Connecting to Consciousness,” is intended to jar us, to nudge us into checking within and being honest about how often we connect our spiritual practice of the universal principles that govern the planet to our daily activities.

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Sunday Topics: 11:00 AM

September 7   Creating Mind Grooves of Freedom and Joy – Rev. Pam
How fortunate we are to be living in a time when spiritual principle and scientific law are shaking hands on the indisputable fact that our brain grooves can be reprogrammed by embodying healing, transforming, liberating thoughts. Spiritual Mind Treatment is a practice that supports us in clarifying our consciousness, preparing it to embody the truth of who and what we really are as unique, individual expressions of Spirit. Then we can exhale, relax into our soul, bring healing to the body temple, love into our heart, and creative playfulness into the simplest of activities in our everyday life.

September 14   How to Deal with Challenging People – Rev. Pam
Now of course we’re talking about those days when it’s challenging for us to be in our own presence, which causes those with whom we come in contact to appear annoying,
inconsiderate, and terrible drivers who should get off the road of our life. Anyone who dares to challenge our belief system, criticize our appearance, disagree with us on our socio-political views should be on medication! Yes, beginning with ourselves, we should down a large dose of loving kindness with a chaser of compassion, topped off with a cherry of cheerfulness.

September 21   Exercising Dominion Over Your Domain – Rev. Pam
The word dominion was first used in the early 15th century and meant “to rule.” The etymology of the word domain comes from the late Middle English and means “estate, property.” Literally, the only thing over which we have true domain is the estate of our consciousness. There we sit, cosmic queens and kings, ruling our inner kingdom of thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, the cherished opinions residing within our mental estate. The choice is ours whether we will evict toxic tenants that lower our inner property values and replace them with residents of love, peace, joy, abundance, creativity, wisdom. Now that’s being a wise landlord!

September 28   Unity Doesn’t Come from Uniformity and Comfort Doesn’t Come from Conformity – Rev. Pam
Unity is a state of oneness, of conscious interconnectedness with all Existence. It is looking through the eyes of wonder at the perfection of Life and disconnecting from the uniformity of the collective consciousness of lack and limitation. Comfort is inner contentment, a quietude of heart wherein nothing is felt to be missing, a state of consciousness wherein conformity with fear, anxiety, self-depreciation and lack of self-empowerment cannot find an entry point. Spiritual rebels unite and find a healing comfort in the evolutionary spiritual practices of their community.

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Be a Friend ~ Bring a Friend



3. RESPONSE SONG – Congregation

My eyes are open, now I see, fullness of Truth revealed to me. My heart now holds the wonderful key, that opened my mind and set me free. Joyously now Love works for me, ready my God, my good to be. My eyes are open, now I see Spirit Divine!

4. MUSIC – The AwSOM Band


6. GUEST RECOGNITION – Rev PAM & Congregation

Whoever you are, wherever you’ve been, whatever brought you through our doors today, welcome home. We’ve been waiting for you.

7. PEACE AFFIRMATION - Rev PAM & Congregation

“I believe in the power of the presence of God, working through me, the governments and peoples of the world, awakening our minds and hearts to bring forth Peace and make perfect our understanding.”



“Divine Love consecrates my gift. It goes forth to heal, to prosper, to support and to bless. It is evidence of my Absolute Conviction that God is the Source and Substance of my supply. I joyfully release my gift knowing that it returns to me multiplied abundantly.” And so it is!

10. MUSIC – The AwSOM Band


12. PEACE SONG - Congregation

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be. With Love as the Power, United all are we. Let us walk with each other in perfect harmony. Let peace begin with me and this is the moment now. With every step I take, let this be my solemn vow; to take each moment and live each moment in peace eternally. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.