Sunday Program

Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles

June 2016

Meditation: 10:30 – 10:45 AM

June 05   Ken Hergenroeder, Practitioner
June 12   Karen Tarleton Holland, Practitioner
June 19   Ken Hergenroeder, Practitioner
June 26   Karen Tarleton Holland, Practitioner


The Wisdom of the Grand Old Book

For the vacationers of the world, the presence of the Protestant King James version of the Bible in hotel room nightstands is an item they can expect to see. However, I found it a bit tongue in cheek that they were replaced with the Catholic Saint Gregory version of the Bible in many of Philadelphia’s hotels due to the Pope’s visit there. It’s no wonder then, that in his wisdom, Ernest Homes neutrally referred to the Bible as “The Grand Old Book,” saying this of it:

“We shall approach our study [of the Bible] with the idea in mind that we are working out a philosophy of life which deals with man’s relationship to Spirit. No attempt will be made to explain all the intricate sayings of the Bible, but rather to analyze those passages which have a direct meaning and significance in everyday living.” And that is precisely what we will be doing throughout the month of June when our theme will be, “The Wisdom of the Grand Old Book.”

Blessing always,
Rev. Pam


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Sunday Topics: 11:00 AM

June 05   The Parable of the Prodigal Son—Is It Still Relevant 2,000 Years Later? – Rev. Pam
The metaphysical lesson of this parable is something each of us faces many times throughout any given day: “Should I choose this, or that?” Have you considered the basis for your choice-making? Is it like the younger son who went to the “far country,” separate from Source? Or like the son who remained at “home” in a consciousness of oneness with Source?

June 12   Psalm 23: A Revelation of Spirit’s Unconditional Love – Rev. Pam
“The Lord is my Shepherd”—that’s relationship. “I shall not want”—that’s supply. “He restoreth my soul”—that’s healing. “He leadeth me beside still waters”—that’s nourishment. “Thou anointest my head with oil”—that’s blessing. “My cup runneth over”—that’s abundance. “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life”—that’s grace. “And I will dwell in the house of the Lord”—that’s trust.

June 19   Is the Soil of Your Consciousness Fertile Enough to Receive? – Rev. Pam
Healthy soil is receptive to nurturing the seed that is sowed within it. Likewise, the soil we til in consciousness is of four types: roadside, which is hard and compact and therefore unreceptive; rocky, which lacks sufficient soil and depth for a seed to take root; thorny, which chokes the soil with thistles; and fertile, which welcomes the seeds, nourishes and multiplies them. How is your garden of consciousness growing?

June 26   Psalm 91: A Lifetime Guarantee that Can’t Be Beat! – Rev. Pam
When we live, move and have our being “in the place of the Most High,” we abide in the shadow of the Almighty and its protection. Protection from what? From the false beliefs in lack, limitation, fear, worry—the “pestilence” that invades our minds through popular media, and societal conditioning. Living from a consciousness of One Power, we are shielded, guarded and guided by its overarching Presence in our lives.

Order of Service

1. OPENING SONG – Congregation

2. MUSIC – The Sunday Morning Band

3. COMMUNITY SONG – Congregation

4. WELCOME – Rev. Pam

5. GUEST RECOGNITION – Rev. Pam & Congregation

“Whoever you are, wherever you’ve been, whatever brought you through our doors today, welcome home. We’ve been waiting for you.”


7. PEACE AFFIRMATION – Rev PAM & Congregation

“I believe in the power of the presence of God, working through me, the governments and peoples of the world, awakening our minds and hearts to bring forth Peace and make perfect our understanding.”

8. THE MESSAGE – Rev. Pam


“Divine Love consecrates my gift. It goes forth to heal, to prosper, to support and to bless. It is evidence of my Absolute Conviction that God is the Source and Substance of my supply. I joyfully release my gift knowing that it returns to me multiplied abundantly.” And so it is!

10. MUSIC – The Sunday Morning Band


12. PEACE SONG – Congregation

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be. With Love as the Power, United all are we. Let us walk with each other in perfect harmony. Let peace begin with me and this is the moment now. With every step I take, let this be my solemn vow; to take each moment and live each moment in peace eternally. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.