Our Vision for the Center

This is the vision for the Center presented by Rev. Pam at the May 2012 Membership Meeting:

The Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles is the place to be and to go for spiritual enlightenment and growth, truth, education, and fellowship.  We are a thriving ministry that is growing in spiritual depth and outward expansion.  We are an active community, whose mission is making the world a better place spirit to spirit.  This is accomplished through the practice and application of the Science of Mind teaching and principles.

We have grown from the inside out.  We are committed to increased and continual growth, even when it requires us to go beyond our comfort zone and causes us to stretch.  Our growth in numbers increases everyone’s experience of spiritual intimacy and sense of belonging.

It is with clear intention and soul-full commitment that our dedicated and skilled Healing Ministry has grown enabling us to have programs that serve the community and facilitate the on going growth and expansion of our members and congregants.

We are well known as a successfully committed healing and teaching ministry and a safe and accomplished place for both to occur. Our accredited classes are filled to capacity and overflowing with serious students of Truth, who intend to change their lives for the better – some will become practitioners and ministers and leaders.

We are committed to teaching, practicing and experiencing healing and demonstration as a way of life, personally and professionally.

Our Center lovingly uplifts, inspires and supports all people of all faiths and cultures. We are a collective consciousness established in unity, balance and harmony. Our aim is to always be loving, accepting, responsive and flexible.

We are a place that everyone calls “home.”

We own a beautiful piece of property, in the perfect location for us that is properly zoned for our organization.  This is a gift, donation, or a purchase, which is completely ready for building.  The size is large enough for plenty of expansion inside and out, including a more than adequate parking lot.  It is a property that is lined with lovely trees and greenery, and space for a meditation garden.

We BUILD module by module or all at once – it is constructed with God’s wisdom and in God’s hands. This fulfills all of our needs with plenty of room to grow.

We are the full expression of God’s love for Mother Nature and respectfully take responsibility for sustaining and protecting this great earth. We take the welfare and well being of our planet seriously.  We are a certified, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green spiritual center, committed to global sustainable spirituality and ecology.

We grow fruits and vegetables on our property and have our own Farmer’s Market that is available to the community.

Our bookstore is a wonderful place to be, to read, to browse and purchase books and CDs or small gift items, while fellowshipping with others. It is always buzzing with high energy and people who are interested in and hungry for Truth.  We have almost anything you need – books, CDs, DVDs, etc., small gifts items, like candles, and greeting cards.  It is open Sunday through Friday, fully staffed and managed with a great team of people who know and love their business.

We lead by a powerful example of focused and passionate direction that effectively communicates our mission and vision through our leadership, members and congregants out to the world.  We are living in a world that is strong in faith and united in peace and harmony; where the one common purpose and goal for all is to experience Peace on Earth.  We are consciously and actively making the world a better place spirit to spirit.

Our service team leaders and teams (volunteers) are openly joyful and enthusiastic about serving. They are well trained and skilled and hold themselves to the highest of standards. We serve God by serving others.

Our thriving junior center, youth center and teen center are established in principle and all students are taught to practice the Science of Mind principles. The youth quickly and effectively spread the word that this is the place to be and they are joyfully making the world a better place spirit to spirit. We are fully staffed with intelligent and skilled educators who love their work and love to teach.  The Youth are an integral, inclusive part of our Center’s function and growth.

Our message is broadcasted and heard world wide through the social media, radio, television and cable networks.

Our music ministry is a cohesive team of powerful, talented, professional musicians and singers, who play for God and always sound true to their name – “AwSOM.”  They are a perfect blend and perfectly express our message and reflect who we are in and through their music.

We are financially stable, sound, and flourishing gifted good stewards, who are sourced, maintained and sustained by God’s ever increasing abundance and prosperity in every good and right way.

We are a giving consciousness individually and collectively.

We understand and live by the law of circulation.

We respect, appreciate and faithfully practice tithing.

We have plenty to spare, share and invest, plus a divine surplus.

We maintain financial integrity and believe in an abundance of eternal goodness.  We are a consciousness of plenty and acknowledge God as the source and substance of our supply.

We are open and receptive to God’s greatest vision being fully realized, and we are honored and privileged to be active, willing instruments through which this ever expanding Divine vision is now occurring.  In gratitude, we accept, believe and conceive this to be so, we let it be, and so it is!!