5/8: Why Expectancy Produces Demonstration
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Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth

Accredited Class Taught by Rev. Pam
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Accredited Class Taught by Rev. Pam

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5 Steps of Treatment

5 Steps of Treatment
Treatment is Science of Mind’s term for affirmative prayer. For more about the 5 Steps of Treatment, click here. As Ernest Holmes said, “the only way to learn how to treat is to treat!”

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Latest From Rev. Pam

Faith Lifts:

It Is Done!

My awareness of Divine right action and perfect order insures me that all I require I have right now. Daily, my co…


Details can no longer exhaust me, and my variety of duties shall no longer disturb me. In all that I have to do, th…

Believe It!

There is one Presence and one Power, God infinite good. This almighty power is within me, all around me and part of…

Spiritual Growth and Personal Expansion

I am a divine creature, big or small, human, animal, vegetable or mineral. I am one with all that life is in all th…

God’s Peace Surrounds Me

I turn my attention to the inner sanctuary of peace and call forth the peace of God, which surpasses all understand…

My Faith Transcends All Appearances

I am at one with the one Presence, one Life, one Mind, One Power, God, infinite good. I have complete faith that on…

Sunday Message:

There Is Only One Calling in Life – April 24, 2016

Heaven Is Right on the Ground Where You Now Stand – April 17, 2016

Breaking Through the Beliefs that Bind Us – April 10, 2016

Exploring the Four Stages of Evolution – April 3, 2016

Resurrect Your True Nature – March 27, 2016

Faith: Well Placed, or Misplaced? – March 20, 2016


Our Center Changes Lives – Testimonials

Thank you so very much for your kind and welcoming words! It was a great pleasure to put a face with a voice I have been listening to for over 4 months on my morning run. Your talks are extremely insightful and packed with great spiritual awareness. I listen to the same talk over and over in order to grab any morsel of information I missed the prior time listening. My friend Claudia and I joke that we could pull out one line from your talks and meditate on it for the rest of the day. I feel it’s important to take responsibility for our lives in this “cause and effect” universe of ours and we must be honest when it comes to facing our “issues.” I feel like you tell it how it is and that’s exactly what I want to hear. Sugarcoating is not going to get me where I intend to go.   You’re a delight!   Thank you for all of your work.

Jim G., CA
This teaching has changed my life in so many ways. I am now so full of gratitude for all the good in my life and I am watching the good increase. I now always expect the best and can honestly say the best always happens!

Julie S. Van Nuys, CA
In my journey of studying numerous religions and philosophies, Science of Mind is the definitive way of life for me. It has centered me, lifted me up, and continuously increases and expands my consciousness and my awareness of the good in life. It has transformed my life!

Karen H. Los Angeles, CA
Reverend Pam is one of the most gifted and inspirational speakers I have heard. Her knowledge of spiritual principles, intuition relative to human nature, and stories told from personal experience all combine to make her talks informative, entertaining, and highly practical.

Gerry S. North Hollywood, CA
The Healing Meditations on Sundays are great! I feel so much better after the Meditation.

Alex N. Burbank, CA
Science of Mind has enriched my life and the life of others who have seen me grow spiritually. I feel loved and supported by the loving staff and members of the Center. I am grateful to have found Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles.

Jeannie G. Sylmar, CA
I have come to the conclusion that Science of the Mind, and Rev. Pam as the messenger, are addictive. I find that if I miss a Sunday - I go through withdrawals and don't have an optimal dose of happiness in the week that follows without Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles.

Jack G. Glendale, CA
I have discovered a new and regenerated Self after taking classes from Rev. Pam MacGregor for the past two years.

Donna B. Burbank, CA
After doing as Rev. Pam instructed in her CDs, and affirmations for one year, she is correct. IT WORKS!! I posted them on my bathroom wall. Very impressed with her tools.

Sarah G. FL
Pam MacGregor has been an inspiring, consistent and powerful force in our lives. Her talks are simple and yet profound. She reaches into the heart of the matter and illuminates truths that have lasting effects on the lives of those who hear her in concrete ways.

Stacey M. Los Angeles, CA
I have discovered a new and regenerated Self after taking classes from Rev. Pam MacGregor for the past two years.

Donna B. Burbank, CA


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